Posted on: February 4, 2008 1:10 pm

"The pass"....."The catch"....

There has been much talk about the play made by Manning to Tyree. Rightfully so I might add. To me it summed up Eli Manning in a nut shell. The entire Giants team really. First of all, when Eli rolled out of the pocket with a defender on his shirt tail, as close to being sacked as you can get, you could see the determination in that kid. You could almost see the hunger oozing out of him. He was not going to lose. I feel like even if the pass would have fallen incomplete it still would have been a great play. When Tyree went up for this ball you almost knew it was just meant to be caught. He showed the same determination in holding on to it, that Manning showed in getting the pass off to begin with. He was not letting go of that ball, the Giants were not letting go of that game. Of course the defense played remarkable. Brady, Im sure has never been so beat up before in his life. I was touched by the shots of Peyton cheering on his brother. I can imagine he was as happy as when he had won last year. Im neither a fan of the Giants nor the Patriots, but I have to say I am a fan of my "home boys". Eli, you did us proud my man. Congratulations to you, your team and all the fans.
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