Posted on: January 31, 2008 7:53 am

Should there be more serious consiquences?

I know raising a child right starts in the home. The Father or Mother should be the first "role model" in their childs life. But when that child becomes interested in sports he or she starts to look up to the biggest sport figures. How do you explain to them that their "idol" was arrested for drugs or using performance enhancing drugs or beating his wife? I know these players put alot of blood sweat and tears to get where they are but I still think it is a priviledge to be playing for the NFL or MLB or NBA, and there should be stronger and stricter penalties and punishment. If not, when will it end? These organizations need to realize what an impact these players and coaches have on the youth watching them. A child that sees his favorite player get banned or put in jail for using drugs is alot less likely to be interested in trying them when given the opportunity than one who sees their favorite athlete be slapped on the wrist and fined a few dollars. I know there are some real role models out there and my hat is off to them. It is just really disappointing when someone you or your child has looked up to for so long has been involved in something like that. What do you think? Should profesional atheletes be accountable for the way they may influence our youth? Again, I know as a parent it starts at home. But does anyone really think that this has little or no affect on the kids?
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